Mina Pendant Necklace by Sissy Yates

Mina Pendant Necklace by Sissy Yates

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Derived from the Latin phrase “Cura Femina” (care of the whole woman) and inspired by the universal feminine silhouette conceived by Julia Farr, the Mina Charm was created by jewelry designer Sissy Yates forJulia Farr.

The charm necklace is to be worn as a symbol and reminder of female wholeness and strength. Wear it, center yourself, and feel complete within and connected to the outside world.

Mina as Symbol

Mina is a symbol of both the wholeness of the individual woman, as well as her vital part in the world around her. She represents the bond between individual spirit and the universal feminine. She is one; she is many.

Mina as a Reminder

Mina serves as a concrete reminder to take a moment to breathe, to create a space, to be present and aware. Touch the charm and honor all that one is NOW.

The charm is 14 karat gold plate on an 18" pyrite beaded chain.